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The Prandi Group  thanks to its experience and the high degree of specialization achieved it offers  to the Customer a global service relating to the works of Architecture and Civil Engineering. With a multidisciplinary approach matured over the years and consolidated by the inclusion of key figures, it guarantees the Client a competent and qualified consultancy for all phases: from preliminary investigations for the feasibility study of the work to topographic surveys with the most advanced technologies, from energy certifications for architectural and structural design, up to the construction management and safety coordination phase.


The feasibility study consists of an administrative and technical analysis which first of all involves the cadastral urban planning checks, then the technical checks to define the energy class of the building and establish how to achieve the minimum jump of two energy classes required by the reference decree. (with particular regard to the so-called SuperBonus 110). The energy diagnosis is fundamental, that is the set of investigations and analyzes that aim to evaluate how the energy necessary for the operation of a building-system is used, with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions. pollutants, cut the energy bill, and identify the interventions to be carried out, define their priorities and quantify the energy saving opportunities from a cost-benefit point of view.


The Prandi Group team develops both architectural and structural design, thanks to the presence of professionals specialized in every area of intervention.
With the Architectural Design, the different technological needs and the formal characteristics of the building are considered to guarantee functional and aesthetic results with high energy performance and environmental sustainability.
With the Structural Design the work to be carried out is fully described, which must include the preparation of well-defined drawings, such as the report on the materials used, the structural calculation, the drawings, the maintenance plan, the construction details and the reports on experimental results.


From the restructuring to the construction of complex works, the Prandi Group combines decades of experience and innovation capacity for each acquired order, respecting agreed times and economic budgets.
The team works in synergy with the specialized workers, taking care of every executive phase, from the reference legislation to new technologies, up to safety and continuous updating on the technological evolution of the most suitable and performing materials, offering the best solutions with a "turnkey" formula. hand "of sustainable building with high standards of energy efficiency. 


A personalized and complete service for the Sustainability Restructuring sector, with a highly qualified team for each task, from furnishing proposals to design and technical consultancy.
Architects, surveyors, interior designers  and skilled labor to renovate in a sustainable way, aiming at living well-being, the use of natural materials, the reduction of energy consumption in home automation systems, to create an intervention that is also sustainable from an economic point of view.
The home becomes an increasingly green and sustainable smart home.

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Thanks to important agreements signed with banking and insurance institutions, the Prandi Group proposes itself to the customer as the only interlocutor. 
With the discount on the invoice, Gruppo Prandi makes the tax procedure linked to the interventions simple and safe, managing all the tax obligations related to the credit transfer.
The goal is to guarantee the customer maximum transparency and certainty of results.

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